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Salon Biography

 Salon Biography
In the early’ 1990’s I opened my business for the first time. It was located at 7817 Melrose Avenue on the second floor.
It was not easy, but I managed to survive for eighteen years in the business.
My idea was to open an unique salon with a cozy feel, but not one of those places where you walk into a salon and all you see are their posters of haircuts and color all over. In the past I had worked in the type of environment that felt hostile. It was unpleasant and the clientele could not relax and enjoy the ambiance.
My idea was to design a relaxed environment where the art is the focal point of view. When clients come for the first time they are ecstatic. They love how the salon is arranged. Its relatively small space had so much more to offer then a large salon.
Un fortune, I had to close my business in mid - 2008. Somealse occupied the whole building, So I had to move from the building.
I was able to re-open my business on December 12, 2009 at new location just around the corner from my previous salon. It was kind of funny because I had just passed by and seen this space and loved it, having wished to find something similar!
Thanks to a family member and friends and clients who contributed, I was able to re-open my business.



 Jozef B. 5.0 star rating 9/25/2019 Jose is THE best going to him for over 30 years and get the best haircut for both me and my wife thanks Jose"

 Syrelle F. 5.0 star rating 11/20/2015 I've always had a hair stylist in my family so I've been spoiled with getting exactly what I want for little to no cost. When I moved across country, with no family in the area, that was no longer an option. I was skeptical about actually going to a salon and trusting someone I don't know with my hair. I found Jose's salon just a few blocks from my new apt and decided to try him out. My first cut with him was a a dramatic short bob (cut about 8 inches off!) and color.. We've been in la for 9 months and haven't tried anywhere else.. The salon is cozy and very artistic. Jose always shows us a good time with funny conversation and more importantly, great cuts and colors!!"

 Steven S. 5.0 star rating 12/7/2016 I don't write Yelp reviews very often, but I felt compelled to share my incredible experience at the Jose Abdo Salon. I am the absolute worst when it comes to my hair and beyond critical of anyone who cuts my hair. As someone who recently moved to Los Angeles, I have been struggling to find a place I feel comfortable at and have had some negative experiences at barbers. I am so glad I gave the Jose Abdo Salon a try! I live very close to the Jose Abdo Salon and had seen it multiple times on my way to work. Today, I decided to do some research and was pleasantly surprised by the positive reviews on Yelp. After I made an appointment for 4pm, I walked in nervous yet hopeful. From the get-go, Jose made me feel comfortable and at ease, as he is a friendly individual with a very professional yet approachable demeanor. I've been trying to accomplish the ultimate 90s bumper look for about a year, but no hairdresser/barber seems to level with me. When I showed Jose a picture of my ideal cut, he immediately knew what to do and explained everything in detail. I was so relieved to finally have found someone competent! After cutting my hair and providing me with some great advice on styling and hair care, I walked away extremely satisfied. I can honestly state that I have not been this happy with my haircut in YEARS. I normally wear a hat after getting a haircut to shower and style at home, but not this time. In fact, I am currently on my way to a birthday dinner without changing a thing! Overall, I had an excellent experience. I will absolutely be back and recommend my friends to visit, as well. The prices are very competitive and the service top-notch. Thank you so, so much! Highly recommended."

 Mike S. 5.0 star rating 9/27/2017 Jose is very friendly and experienced. I went to him for a men's haircut today. It was my first time visiting his salon. He listened to what I wanted and did a fantastic job. He was also very efficient and didn't waste my time. Haircut with a quick wash was all done in approx 30mins. Also very reasonably priced compared to many salons in LA. He was very friendly and talkative and made me feel comfortable. Free street parking one block back from the salon. Will definitely return to Jose when I'm back in LA!"

 Ryan B. 5.0 star rating11/12/2015 Jose is a master when it comes to hair. I don't have the easiest hair to deal with, and yet he always knows what to do. His prices are competitive for the area and he keeps his salon in tip top shape. Jose is warm and welcoming, and will go out of his way to ensure his clients are satisfied. He's simply the best!"

 Doug F. 5.0 star rating11/15/2015 Jose is the most amazing stylist. And an incredible person to boot. Consistently does a great job on my hair. He "gets it" which is so hard to find these days. Total pleasure."

 Nikki B. 5.0 star rating3/25/2016 Jose was fantastic! He really took care of me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend doesn't let many people touch his hair and he really liked the cut he got from Jose. My haircut turned out amazing! I think I found my person here in Los Angeles finally! The actual salon was so cool inside with his own artwork. Overall, I highly recommend!"

 Jasmine T. 5.0 star rating5/28/2015 Jose is amazing, I have never left a hair salon feeling so great about myself. I showed him a photo of a hair color and cut I was trying to acheive and he did such a remarkable job, he recognizes styling hair as the art it is and in all of my years of trying different hair stylist I've never come across anyone as talented as him! Aside from him completely transforming me, he listened to me vent about issues going on in my life and the advice he gave me completely changed my perspective and made me feel so much happier and lighter! I'm already looking forward to going back in a couple weeks for a trim!"

 Tim P. 5.0 star rating8/10/2014 I've been going to Jose for three years now. I moved to LA about six years ago and never could find a place for a really good haircut, I found good, but not really good. Jose made a huge difference for me. He followed what I wanted and I started getting compliments from acquaintances and even strangers. Jose is an artist. After about a year I was thinking about changing my style a bit. Jose worked his craft and friends couldn't believe the difference. Truly exemplified when I started finding myself listening to smiling people tell me that I looked totally different and then straight-up asking me out. A pretty spectacular turn of events."

 Rhonda H. 5.0 star rating2/27/2012 I started going to Jose almost 10 years ago. I moved away for a few years, but one of the things I most looked forward to upon returning to Los Angeles was going back to Jose! I have gone through seemingly every hair color under the sun, and Jose never tires of working with me to please my passing fancies. :) And no matter what color we end up doing, I always get compliments on it. I recommend him to people all the time, and he is one of the only hairdressers I've ever had that I never tire of. Not only does he do wonderful things with my hair, but he brings a lot of personality to the table, so I always look forward to getting my hair done. Was this review …?"

 Thora B. 5.0 star rating12/30/2011 My husband and I come from Orange to get a cut from Jose, that's how good he is! We have known him for years and followed him wherever he went..... We went to him on a reccommendation from a friend years ago when we lived in the area, kept coming back and when our son was born, Jose gave him his first cut and is still cutting his hair! We LOVE him! Just recently, I, after having taken a short cut and had someone else color my hair for convenience sake, didn't feel like going all the way from Orange to LA with two kids in the car,I went back to Jose to have him correct it and as usual he did a GREAT job..... Need a good haircut, that will not bankrupt you, go see Jose and you will NEVER need to go anywhere else."

 Shane E. 5.0 star rating8/26/2011 i was shopping at Fred Segal once about 10+ yrs ago with an ex-girlfriend and there was someone with similar short hair to mine, but his cut looked "polished" and "pro". i asked where he got it done, and was referred to Jose then. and i've never looked back! His location changed a few times (still in the Melrose area) and i've followed him everywhere, and would continue to, even if he moved away. Jose has been able to make my short, thinning hair look it's best all these years, and i always get comments and complements when i return from his salon (not typical for a guy, you would think). i have since referred him to several male and female friends with varying styles and lengths, and he hasn't disappointed... even my little niece got a trim from him."

 Dahni B. 5.0 star rating3/8/2010 I joined Yelp so I could write a review about this place! :) I've been going to Jose Abdo's since 2005 and I gotta say, I LOVE HIM. Out of all the different places I've been to in LA Jose by far does the best job. He is very detailed and really listens, I totally recommend him!"

Art Biography

Art Biography

Jose’s artistic expression is rooted in the depth of passion. He combines abstract expressionism with varying elements of reality -- all steeped with an intense emotion that borders on rage. Relatively new in the art world, his early passions were in architecture and interior design. But for the past 30 years, Jose has created art works and developed new mediums for his art, at an unrelenting frenzied pace. His art ranges from murals depicting themes to highly contemporary and abstract. He works with Acrylics, Latex
and Digital Photography.
A self-taught artist, Jose attributes his burst upon the art world later in his life, to being Inspired by his personal freedom. Born in Tijuana, Mexico in 1957, Jose is a resident of the US for the last 35 years.


  • 7779 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046, USA
  • Across Fairfax High School Behind Bike Shop On Ogden Dr