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In the early’ 1990’s I opened my business for the first time. It was
located at 7817 Melrose Avenue on the second floor.
It was not easy, but I mange to survive for eighteen years in the business.
My idea was to open an unique salon with a homely feel, but not     one of those places where you walk into a salon and all you see         are their posters of haircuts, color and  perms. In the past I had worked in the type of environment that felt hostile. It was   unpleasant and the clientele could not relax and enjoy the ambiance.
My idea was to design a relaxed environment where the art is            the focal point of view. When clients come for the first time they       are ecstatic. They love how the salon is arranged. Its relatively        small space had so much more to offer then a large salon.

Right after I closed my first salon, I went to work at another salon were the owner welcomed me and created a similar space for me. In here, the owner, Tomer Mizrahi, gave me the opportunity to rent the kind of station that would keep my clientele happy. I started working there in July 2008. I remained there until I was able to re-open my business on December 12, 2009 at new location just around               the corner from my previous salon. It was kind of funny because             I had  just passed by and seen this space and loved it, having       wished to  find something similar!

  Thanks to a family member and friends and clients                                    who contributed, I was able to re-open my business.

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7779-A  Melrose Avenue

 Los Angeles, CA 90046

Across Fairfax High School

Behind Bike Shop

On Ogden Dr.

323 655 3475 




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7779 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046 (323) 655-3475