Welcome – Bienvenido



In the early’ 1990’s I opened a salon for the first time. It was
located at 7817 Melrose Avenue on the second floor.
It was not easy, but I managed to survive in business for eighteen years.

My idea was to open a unique salon with a homey feel, In the past I had worked in an unfriendly environment where the clientele could not relax and enjoy the ambiance.
My goal was to design a relaxed environment where art is the focal point of view. When clients come for the first time they are ecstatic at how the salon is arranged. Its a beautiful space with so much more to offer than  the larger salons.

After closing my first salon, I found a space where the owner welcomed me and created a similar artistic environment. The owner Tomer Mizrahi, gave me the opportunity create the station that kept my clientele happy. I started working there in July 2008. I remained there until I was able to re-open my own salon on December 12, 2009 close to my original salon. I had  just passed by and saw the spot and loved it, having wished to  find something similar!

  Thanks to a family members, friends and clients who contributed,          I was able to re-open my dream salon.








7779-A  Melrose Avenue

 Los Angeles, CA 90046

Across Fairfax High School

Behind Bike Shop

On Ogden Dr.

323 655 3475 

Cell: 323 363 5612




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